Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 68 March 9

So tonight I'm trying to tie up those little lose ends. Took Josi back to the doctor today because her cough sounds so bad, but she said that Josi's lungs sound fine and she is good to go. She's sleeping now and doesn't seem to be coughing right now so hopefully she will get some good sleep tonight.

So when I was trying to think of something to photograph my eyes stopped on this catalog. It came in the mail today. I almost threw it away, but there is something about the spring catalog that just brings back thoughts of my childhood. The fall and winter Sears catalog meant the ordering of school clothes. Back in those days you would mail in the order and then wait for about 6 weeks for the package finally to arrive. Half the time something didn't fit right so by the time you mailed it back and then waited again it could be almost Christmas before you got your school clothes! Then when the spring catalog arrived we would always still be buried with snow, but the Spring and Summer catalog held the promise that sometime the snow would melt. The arrival usually coinsided with the daylight increasing so it brought the same hope. Today we got about 6 more inches of snow, but the Spring and Summer catalog arrived. I couldn't throw it away even though the internet now makes living in Alaska a whole different life. I couldn't throw it away though. That would be like throwing away hope...


  1. Boy, you do have to make certain sacrifices to live where you do, but I still think it's worth it! At least all the other kids probably had to send back their catalog clothes to get the right size too, so you were all in the same boat!

    Glad Josi's cough wasn't something serious. Have a GREAT trip!

  2. Marleen, we liked to pour over the Sears catalog in our house, particularly the Christmas one. It was a great game to pick one thing per page for your "wish list" -- I always lusted over the snowman snow cone machine and of course, the pop-up playhouses.

    So, do you think some day our kids will wax poetically over searching

  3. Ah the days of actual catalog shopping! Don't get me going or I'll start reminiscing about Green Stamps!!

  4. I forgot about green stamps! My grandma did that!

  5. Hard but wonderful times in those days, right? I bet you have dozens of memories like these. To me, Alaska sounds like a wonderful place to live and raise children. Loved your journaling!

  6. Australia has never been big on catalogues, it only now that we get the junk mail in our letter boxes. I think that your catalogues are totally different to what we have, I saw some of them when I lived in the States and was fantastic by them. Have a wonderful, safe trip.