Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 212 July 31


I just love the color of Salmonberry jelly! Can't you just taste it?
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Old photo of the day...


Since there was a picture of Josi with her pandas I wanted to post this one of her She was 3 years old. She's always been a hot sleeper and I found her like this when I wnet up to retuck before I wnet to bed. This may be the panda that met it's demise in the toilet!
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Day 211 July 30





Several pictures today. When Josi woke up and came downstairs she was carrying all of her beanie baby pandas. She has had many. When she first came home from China she didn't find anything she liked. I was a little worried that she didn't attach to blanket, no stuffed way to comfort herself. Then one day someone gave us a beannie baby panda and she latched onto it like she had found her best friend. Unfortunately there have been a few pandas that have gone Missing in Action. One day I came home from school to find a distraught Josi and day care provider. Josi managed to nock the panda into the toilet after it had been flushed. It disappeared down the toilet never to been seen again. I found a replacement (not an easy task in Cordova) and then shortly after that she lost that one someplace downtown. I finally wised up and got on EBAY and bid on several. These 4 are Minda, Pinda, Rebbecca and Shelley. She's had them now for about 6 years. Yesterday when we were cleaning out closets I found the last of the "back-up" pandas that I bought on EBAY. That one wasn't needed. Josi has loved and been comforted by these pandas. Sometimes I would find her asleep clutching all of them. She doesn't seem to need the comfort as much anymore, but they still take part in wild Panda adventures. Each one has a different voice and even if I still can't tell them apart they are each unique in her eyes.
The other photos Cad1 took while we were picking salmonberries yesterday. Uncle Bud and Aunt Wanda came with us. As you can see Bud had his bear gun just in case. I got quite a bit of juice so today is jelly making day. Wish all of you could taste Salmonberry jelly.
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 210 July 29



Today's pictures are showing the difference 2500 miles can make! We left POrtland on the day it was supposed to hit 100 degrees and it's having a hard time getting above 60 here the last two days. Wierd though how it can still feel a bit muggy...Oh well, things to do in the house...
Had a very productive morning. Cleaned closets! The girls were a great help and we managed to haul an entire car load of stuff to Salvation Army! It was a great feeling to have all the clothes taken care of before school begins! Cadi wants to update her side of the bedroom, so I ordered new bedding and I'm hoping we can paint next week.
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 209 July 28


I didn't get a photo yesterday. We were traveling for most of the day. Today however I have a photo! Two very good friends showed up at my door this afternoon with a gift all the way from Japan. Don't think the kindergarten teacher will probably be able to carry this downtown or to school, but I LOVE my new purse! You just never know what you might find in Engrish!
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Day 207 July 26


Our last day in Oregon was spent with the cousins. We played with flubber and the 3 year olds were amazed that I could blow big bubbles with it!
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Day 206 July 25


Both of the girls finished the bonus round of the summer reading program while we were in Oregon. That means they got to put a book plate with their name inside any book in the library. Josi chose Roxy and the Hooligans as it was one of her favorite books from the Battle of the Books program last year. Cadi chose one of the Flight 29 Down books that she read this summer.
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Day 205 July 24


Didn't get a picture of any of us actually going to the movie, but did take a picture of the ad in the newspaper. We all thought it was a pretty funny movie!
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Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 204 July 23





Our last day together with the "cousins" This time we are back in Portland and we meet at the Portland Chinese Gardens and then have lunch at a nearby restuarant. It's always so hard to say goodbye knowing it will be an entire year before we see each other again.
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Day 203 July 22



The lighthouse picture sums up the weather the last morning we were at the beach. Very much a pea soup fog! We went and explored the tide pools in the morning and then came back to the campgound to try to eat all the food left over! After we packed up and left we stopped at Lincoln City for another little bit of time on the beach. Josi designed the sand man.
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Day 202 July 21





The second full day wasn't as nice weather wise which is probably a good thing. Some of us couldn't take any more sun! We still had a lot of fun together hiking, going on a scavenger hunt, decorating the t-shirts Cadi designed, and playing on the beach. As you can see there were Chinese Dog cousins at the beach too. Theses two plus 2 full grown and 4 puppy bull mastiffs!
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Day 201 July 20



Our first full day at Beverly Beach was absolutely beautiful! The best part was seeing our "Chinese Cousins"! This year we consisted of 3 families with a totla of 7 children from China. This group has been getting together now for 9 year! Some years we have only managed a trip to the zoo together, but the last several have been 3-4 days together at the coast. It's alway so much fun to see how each of the girls has changed and to catch up on the important news. Today we all managed to get way too much sun and sand, but it was just perfect!
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Day 200 July 19


I realized I was off a day after I posted last time. We went to Beverly Beach which is not too far from Newport and we camped for three nights is the most wonderful yurt! We were there with our "Chinese Cousins" and my sister, my niece and her family. I will try to catch up a little more tonight, but just thought I would post this picture of the yurt. We already are thinking about what fun we can have next year!
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 199 July 18




We got to see our cousin and his wife and new baby! They live in Oregon so we don't get to see them very often. We spent some time at the Art Walk, but it was really hot again so we didn't last too long! Cooled off with snow cones and then had some Chinese food and went back to my sister's house. The girls are checking out the Iphone. Glad it probably won't even work in Cordova so I don't have to say no! Then Cadi finally agreed to hold the baby! I think she finally figured out they won't break! We are heading to the Oregon coast for a 3 day camoning trip so I'll be out of touch for awhile!
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Day 198 July 17





Too hot to do much else today other than try to cool off with spray water bottles!
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 197 July 16

Been feeling pretty crummy the last couple of days. Sore throat and glands. LAst night when I woke up at 2:00 with a headache I recognized it as the headache that comes along with strep. Went to the doctor and sure enough I have a strep infection! Thought those were supposed to happen in the winter when I'm around a bunch of kids... Anyway I'm on meds and should be good to go tomorrow.
My sister made a solar oven and the girls had so'mores for lunch. Temperature in the oven at 11:00 was over 125 degrees. That's as high as the thermometer goes. The girls were invited to their cousin's house for a sleep over so i am drinking lots of fluids, resting up and taking it easy.