Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 186 July 5

We had a fun day! Started with a phone call from my niece asking if we wanted to go on a hike. Drove through the Gorge for awhile and then crossed The bridge of the Gods into Washington. We to Skamania Lodge and wander around their beautiful grounds for awhile and then had a wonderful lunch. Drove back to Oregon (gotta love those state lines in "america") and went to Horsetail falls. We climbed up the hill to Ponytail Falls. Really a very cool waterfall as the trail goes behind the fall. When we walked back down we headed to Mulnomah Falls for ice cream and a much needed bathroon break! Came home and after a nap on the floor I sewed some more and then headed to bed.

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  1. fantastic nature pictures! Love the surrounding there!