Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 187-188 July 6 and 7





We went to OMSI with the Oregon cousins. Had a lot of fun in the physics room especially. Nothing better than working with electricity! Stopped on the way home for fresh berries. Can't get enough of those fresh Oregon berries! This time raspberries and blueberries. Including a picture of some horses as my girls are always fascinated by how many horses there are in Oregon! We also went to see Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs so they can quite hounding me about seeing that movie. I forgot to bring my camera though so don't have a picture of that! Not sure what we're doing today. It has cooled down a lot and is in the low 70's. Colder than what's going on a home i hear!
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  1. beautiful horses and funny picture with the hair!