Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 211 July 30





Several pictures today. When Josi woke up and came downstairs she was carrying all of her beanie baby pandas. She has had many. When she first came home from China she didn't find anything she liked. I was a little worried that she didn't attach to blanket, no stuffed way to comfort herself. Then one day someone gave us a beannie baby panda and she latched onto it like she had found her best friend. Unfortunately there have been a few pandas that have gone Missing in Action. One day I came home from school to find a distraught Josi and day care provider. Josi managed to nock the panda into the toilet after it had been flushed. It disappeared down the toilet never to been seen again. I found a replacement (not an easy task in Cordova) and then shortly after that she lost that one someplace downtown. I finally wised up and got on EBAY and bid on several. These 4 are Minda, Pinda, Rebbecca and Shelley. She's had them now for about 6 years. Yesterday when we were cleaning out closets I found the last of the "back-up" pandas that I bought on EBAY. That one wasn't needed. Josi has loved and been comforted by these pandas. Sometimes I would find her asleep clutching all of them. She doesn't seem to need the comfort as much anymore, but they still take part in wild Panda adventures. Each one has a different voice and even if I still can't tell them apart they are each unique in her eyes.
The other photos Cad1 took while we were picking salmonberries yesterday. Uncle Bud and Aunt Wanda came with us. As you can see Bud had his bear gun just in case. I got quite a bit of juice so today is jelly making day. Wish all of you could taste Salmonberry jelly.
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  1. what a wonderful story about the pandas! Glad she had found something to comfort herself!

    Great experience picking up salmonberries together with uncle and aunt and a bear gun...

    Never heard about salmonberries