Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 218 August 6




I almost forgot! I almost got Bad Mom of the Year Award! But the good thing was everybody else forgot too! Today is August 6th! I thought it was August 5th all day today! Eight years ago today Josi came into our lives! What a roller coaster it was those first few years! Now she is such a delightful, sweet girl. I can't belive what a wonderful journey we have had so far. God has blessed me beyond belief by entrusting me to be the mother of the two most incredible kids in the entire world! Happy Gotcha Day, Josi!
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  1. beautiful pictures!! You are really blessed!!! And your children also with such a wonderful Mom you are!!!

  2. I still have trouble posting a comment! Blogger ejected me twice!
    Anyway HAPPY FAMILY DAY! HAPPY GOTCHA DAY, JOSI!!! And Marleen, your girls are the 2 most incredible kids in the entire world, along with mine! Yes, we are really blessed to have our girls!!!!