Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 107 and 108 April 17-18

I didn't get a chance to post last night, but I did take a picture. As I was getting the classroom ready for the day, Cadi noticed some crows outside the window. They were gathering grass for a nest so I decided I could finally take some pictures of signs of spring!
Today I took Cadi and some of her friends "out the road" to a birthday party another girl was having at the Coast Guard barracks for the helicopter base. It was such a nice day Josi and I drove a little farther out. I tried to get some puzzy willows, but I didn't have the right camera with my big lens. So here are the pussy willos and another mountain shot. Notice the snow is finally going away!


  1. Spring is coming!?

    Love your mountain shot of the great wide landscape!! Seems to be fantastic where you live!!

  2. Yes Spring is comming... great photos!