Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 95 April 5

Well I was falling asleep in the recliner lastnight and still didn't have a picture so I snapped this one of one of my candle holders. Saturday I finally got rid of all the snow/winter decorations in the house and got out my spring stuff. Think that will change the weather?


  1. what a beautiful candle holder!!

    Cross my fingers for a weather change°°

  2. Oh we can only hope the change inside brings about change outside. We woke up to 3.5 inches of snow today too. Ick!

    That is a beautiful candle holder too, great photo!

  3. Soooo pretty!! Let me know if it makes changes in the weather! good luck! :)

  4. ah, if only it were that simple! I'd pull out a surf board or something! :) pretty candle holder!

  5. Hope this will bring some sunny weather for you. We had some great days but today: rain, rain and more rain!
    On, about the video/pics you posted, I'm going to view them all, just didn't have time so far. I started to look at the first one, just love all those pics! I'm so hoping we can go next year or in two years and yes, I'll try to take as many pics as you guys did. Love to see China through your lens! TFS Marleen!!!!!