Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 153 June 2

Yesterday was a busy day. I got the freezer defrosted so it's all ready for the frozen stuff I bring back from Anchorage next week. Then it was time to tackle the girls' bedroom. We had "black garbage bag day" a term they not so affectionately attached to the day their mother can no longer stand all the mess! I got so carried away that I completely removed all of the windows from their casings and cleaned inside and out. They sure look a lot better. We also threw away the junk that they had rat holed for the last 6 months, sorted through some clothes they have outgrown, and then vacummed and dusted everything. I should have taken before and after pictures of the room! Th
When that was finished Josi wanted to do a sewing project. She selected the material the day before while I was at the fabric store. She figured out how much material sh would need to make a pillow case for a small pillow she had. When she saw that there was extra material she decided to make a blanket too. So now she has a flannel pillow and blanket for her stuffed animals. She decided to walk to her grean aunt's house to show her what she had made so I got the grass mowed. After dinner I make invitations for Josi's birthday party and got those ready to mail. I promptly fell asleep in my recliner at 9:00 and finally drug myself to bed at 9:30. Today we pack for our trip, clean the rest of the house, go to the ground breaking ceremony for the elementary school gym and renovation project, and the girls have a softball game tonight. Another busy day! This is summer vacation?

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  1. what a busy day and wonderful pictures!! Wish you a great trip!!!