Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 161 June 10

June 10th is Josi's birthday! When we woke up we packed up the car. That's always a big chore, but now that the girls are older it's so much easier with their help! We went out to birthday breakfast at Denny's (her choice), then did the rest of the Costco shopping. Filled up the huge cooler with all the frozen stuff to get us through the next several months. Then we headed out of Anchorage. It was another beautiful day and the drive to Whittier was wonderful. Made me think several times of the white knuckle trip we made in January! We stopped in Girdwood for a fill up of cheaper gas and an ice cream cone. No birthday cake, but at least she got icecream. We made it to the tunnel in plenty of time and got to sun ourselves for awhile while we waited for the tunnel to open. Once we were through the tunnel we stood outside and talked with friends while we waited for the ferry to dock and unload. Once on the Chenega we made the fast trip across the sound. 3 hours and 15 minutes as opposed to the 12 hour trip on Friday. I love the fast ferry! The pictures today are of the Alaskan flag blowing in the wind at the Whittier harbor. my 9 year old daughter, and her favorite stuffed animal, Sabrina looking out the window of the ferry.


  1. Marleen, I'm so glad we're friends and I get to experience your life through your blog and photos.

  2. Happy late birthday Josi! Love the pic of Sabrina in the window and glad you got the fast ferry this time!

  3. Happy belated birthday Josi!!

    Wonderful pictures!! Thanks for sharing!