Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 178 June 27


We spent a lot of time at the ball field today. It was the last day of the season so there was a barbeque with the typical Cordova spread of food! Then later in the day we went on a picnic with family and friends. The company was great, but the bugs were horrid! I didn't take too many pictures, because I was too busy swatting mosquitos! Anyway here's one of our campfire.
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  1. I´m glad you had such a wonderful barbeque and picnic day....except the mosquitos!

    Wonderful fire shot!

  2. Sounds like you had all the right ingredients for a wonderful day: family, friends, yummy food... except for the bugs of course! While I'm typing this I'm fighting with some very anoying fly who is really really getting on my nerves ... but wow, she's fast!

  3. I find my tolerance for gnats and mosquitoes to decline as I get older. I just try to stay inside in the evening and avoid them. Which is too bad, because once the sun goes down, it cools off -- to the lower 90s!