Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 49 Feb 18

I had to get gas today. The car has been beeping at me for several days now. So when I drove into the gas station Cadi asked when she was going to get to fill up the car. I said, "Today" (mind you she has never asked before) So I showed her how and she filled it up. Can't wait for her to offer on one of those days when it is blowing and raining sideways!

What are you paying for gas right now? I'm so glad we are no longer over $5.00 a gallon. Plus it feels like spring and the mountains were peeking out of the clouds and fog. Today was a great day!


  1. Eeks! you don't want to know what we pay on the East Coast.. I think we have some of the cheapest. I was complaining because our gas went up to $1.85 this week. I was paying $1.45 in January. Our all time high last summer was just at $4.05!

    But I do remember when I visited Alaska in 1993 how expensive the gas (and everything else for that matter) was. It takes a lot to get everything up there to you guys! But then if I remember correctly the wages and lack of state income taxes and sales tax help a little bit. I know, just a little! That's still too much for gas! Good think you don't have too far to drive. That's another thing I remember about my visit. I could drive from one end of Juneau to the other in a very short time. Landlocked by Mendenhall Glacier and mountains on one side...and all that water from the inner passage on the other. I briefly thought I'd like living there. At a different point in my life maybe, but I don't like the cold so it wouldn't have been for me! :)

  2. We're around $2.05-%2.10 here. It was below $2 a few weeks ago but it's gone up a bit.

  3. I remember a day when my oldest wanted to help pump the gas, now I can't get him to do it if his life depends on it. LOL

    We were at 1.99 for about a week but it's down to 1.82 today. They say it should hit 2.50 in the next month or so. It's been nice. I can't imagine gas being over 5.00 a gallon!

  4. Marleen, I know... we have the same prices here in Belgium. A gallon is about 3,8 liters, right? We pay 1,20 Euro/liter that's $ 4.56 a gallon... And you girls in America, you are very lucky!!
    Good for Cadi, I'm waiting for A to be old enough...

  5. Ouch Marleen! I wasn't going to tell you what the rest of us are paying, but it looks like everyone else already did. lol

    Cadi is so cute!! What a beautiful shot of the mountains - love the clouds and trees. :)