Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 50 Feb 19

The Full Circle Farm box came last night and inside was a box of pure heaven! Tastes of summer packed into little purple balls of flavor. Didn't take long for Cadi and me to devour them!


  1. Yum!!!! What a great photo - makes my mouth water! Did you lock Josi in the closet or is she just not a fan?

    Catching up here. Your trip to the ER sounded so scary!! Thank god you had this experience NOW and not in China!!!!

    Wow about the swans. I had no idea. Gorgeous photo.

  2. Hi Marleen... I followed you over here from the Yangzhou Yahoo group.. I just sat and read your entire blog... I love it !!! I was in Alaska 10 years ago, my sister used to live in Fairbanks... I wish I could go to the reunion, but I will follow all of you on the blog!!
    Karen, NY
    Kelly, Yangzhou, 8 years old
    Shannon, Feixi, 6 years old

  3. mmm this looks good, fab photo and close-up!

  4. Yum! Fresh blueberries! Good! Cooked blueberries, not so good! Well, muffins are OK...

  5. Those look AWESOME!!!! Great close-up photo!