Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 16-Jan 16

So Thursday and Friday were also days of rain and high winds. School in Anchorage was cancelled 3 days in a row. Friday was the day of our reservations to return to Cordova. I decided to go for it. We got the car loaded up with everything we bought and headed down the Seward highway to Whittier. The winds were probably sustained between 30-40. I later found out they closed the highway to trucks. Once we left the highway and started into the Portage valley I was pretty sure it had been a big mistake to be out in the weather, but by they we had an hour and a half behind us and about 15 minutes in front of us. We got back to the tunnel entrance, paid the toll and hunkered down waiting for it to open. I parked the car behind a building thinking it might protect us from the winds that by that time were now sustained at 60-80 with gusts well over 100 MPH. Just as I'm deciding that it's probably wiser to head back to Anchorage rather than get on the ferry, the electricity goes off and they cannot ope the doors to the tunnel. We fight the wind for another 2 hours to get back to Anchorage. Can you say white knuckles? By the time we unload the car, I am exausted and take a long nap. This picture is as we were waiting by the tunnel..


  1. Oh my word what an adventure!!!!!!!!! I'm glad to hear you are all right!

  2. Marleen, white knuckle is right! I'm so glad you guys are home safe and sound.