Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 4 Jan 4th


Almost every Sunday morning your will find our family worshipping at The Little Chapel. This is a picture of the stained glass window we have in our church. Our pastor saw the design, a young woman in our congregation drew the design and an artist from Japan did the work. There is somethng so comforting for me to look up at it every Sunday morning. I love the power of the eagle and the 12 symbols representing Christ that go around the border.
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  1. WOW that is stunning!!!! That is so cool that a church member drew it!

    We lost part of one of our big stained glass windows in a storm last summer and it was so sad for months until it was returned all fixed.

  2. Beautiful photo. Love the sun shining through that it's gorgeous in person.

  3. What a stunning piece of art! There is something very magical about stained glass.