Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day 128 May 8

Seems like I am getting the pictures taken and then posted the following day. We've had a busy week and yesterday was no exception. After school the girls and I went to the Hershey Track and Field competition. Of course it's Cordova style. I wonder where else they hold Hershey track ond field where kids are suited down in shorts and Xtra Tufs! It has rained off and on all week, but it wasn't rainimg yesterday afternoon so the event was held. As we got out of the car and started to walk across the field, Josi said, "The grassy field is juicy." That it was. Notice how she said the grassy field? That's because this is the only big patch of grass we have in our town. It's beautiful and green and most of the time a little juicy. The joys of living in the rain forest! Anyway we had fun. The Moffitt girls take after their mother and neither of them enjoy competing in track and field event very much, but they did and I was happy they did. We ran home and had a quick bite and then headed to a very funny high school play. Thouroughly enjoyed ourselves. It's almost 9:00 and both of them are still sleeping so I guess we really did have a busy week! Today I'm am volunteering at the bike rodeo so we will spend a couple of hours there. Maybe the house will get cleaned next week...!

One great P.S. for all of you who followed our China blog. I found out yesterday that the little girl who stole my heart at the orphanage has been matched with a family in New York! I was so excited to hear that she will be with her family very soon!


  1. You guys do such great activities! I love my kids to be outdoors and active but because of my weird schedule they don't get to participate in things like this. Sounds like a busy but fun week!

  2. wonderful pictures. Love the first one in b/w with the coloured ball most!!

    It´s great and important to be active!