Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 138 May 18

A few blossom photos today. Two of the salmonberry blossoms that are already starting to think about opening in the super warm weather we've been having and the other is of the fuchsia I bought myself last week. I couldn't resist it. It looked so healthy and fuchsias remind me of my mom. She was always growing them For some reason having it outside on my deck makes her seem a little closer even though she's been gone now for 8 years.


  1. The fuschia's are beautiful, what a gorgeous flower to link you to your mom. They won't grown here -- too hot -- but I saw many in Northern California around Eureka.

  2. beautiful pictures of the blossoms!!

    Enjoy the wonderful colours!

  3. beautiful! I love the fuschia and how it reminds you of your Mom. I planted Lilacs when me moved here because they are my Mom's favorites and they'll grow here. The salmonberries have big blossoms or did you really zoom in? Our wild blackberries are almost in full bloom here now.