Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 145 MAy 25

Today was one of those exceptional days that make it so I can't think of ever living anywhere else but Cordova. I got up early and headed to school to finish up the last few things that needed to get done. The girls had softball practice at 10:00 and I was back in time to take them to their practice. As we were driving I asked them if they wanted to go out the road if the weather held. We said a prayer and asked God to keep the weather as it was or "even a little better". I ran home, mowed the grass and by the time they got back from practice it was getting even nicer. We picked up one of Cadi's friends, Chandelle, Aunt Wanda and cousin Penney and we headed "out the road". For you who don't know. Cordova has about 60 miles of roads that head nowhere. The only way to get to our town is by plane or boat. So the term "out the road" is a local term that means heading out the longest road which is 50 miles long. This road takes you out into the Copper River Delta.

We stopped at one of our favorite ponds-One Eyed Pond. When we got there we found two of my preschool students with one of the moms. The girls had fun playing with their black lab who constantly wanted them to throw something for him to retrieve. He was constantly shaking off the water and I was able to get a couple shots of him.

After One Eyed Pond we headed out to the "sand dunes" This area is at the Copper River and it is the huge area where the glacial silt is deposited. Of course we really hadn't planned to go to the sand dunes, but the weather was so nice we couldn't resist. We weren't prepared to get totally muddy, but we brought back quite a bit between our toes and in our pants! There is still quite a lot of snow out there. It's always fun to play in the snow on a hot day!

The delta is alive with life. The flowers are starting to bloom and the swans, ducks, and geese have returned and are nesting all over the Delta. It was such a glorious day! I couldn't choose just one photo. You get all of these!


  1. wow, the place where you live is so beautiful and your shots are great!

    Your journaling make me very interesting so I´ll borrow a book about Alaska in our library.

    Hope they´ll have one

  2. I wouldn't be able to choose one photo from all of these, either! But I do love the one of the muddy hands, and the one of the kids scrambling up the glacier deposit, and the ones of the shaking dog--wow, you had an awesome day! Your photography is terrific.